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Claircognizant Psychic Rita Casanova

Healing 4 Harmony LLC

Conscious development & growth through action

Unlock your inner strength and wisdom with a reading today.

Do you STRUGGLE understanding your purpose?

Do you FEEL as though there is MORE to life or to you?

Do you WANT to change your current life situations?

Do you KNOW who you are at SOUL level?

If YES, than you have come to the RIGHT site AND the RIGHT person!

Discover who you are at SOUL level with Claircognizant Psychic Rita Casanova. Rita works within the Akashic Records to help you TRANSFORM your SOUL! 

Within the Akashic Records lies all the information you need to be the BEST, TRUE version of yourself. You will discover where you are from, what your energetic qualities are, how you are designed to engage with the world, and how to take the RIGHT actions towards changing your current life circumstances. 

Your record is the KEY to helping you UNLOCK your inner gifts and potential! Knowing what is in your record will help you:

  • IDENTIFY your inner strength and confidence

  • KNOW and understand when people, places or circumstances are NOT in alignment with you.

  • ELIMINATE unwanted energies keeping you from living an abundant life.

  • RAISE your current vibrational state to attract BETTER life circumstances. 

  • MOVE forward with goals and dreams. 

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"You owe it to yourself to become everything you are meant to be."
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