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Personal Power through conscious development & growth through action

Unlock your inner strength and wisdom with Transoulmation Coaching today.

Do you STRUGGLE understanding your purpose?

Do you FEEL as though there is MORE to life or to you?

Do you WANT to change your current life situations?

Do you KNOW who you are at SOUL level?

If YES, than you have come to the RIGHT site AND the RIGHT person!

The sense of self can be lost very quickly when we allow ourselves to be consumed by what "happens" to us. Whether, it is good, bad or ugly. When we CHOOSE to "live" in the emotions connected to those events, we give away our power. The more power we give away, the more LOST we feel and the more disconnected we become. We withdrawal, stop hanging out, we don't say yes to new people, places or things. Then all of a sudden we wake up and wonder, "what the HELL has happened to me?"

I have been through it, so I know what it feels like to be limited of power. I know all too well what the BOTTOM looks like. And it is SCARY! It is mind numbing, body aching, fake laughing and smile stealing. It makes us wonder why we are here, what is our purpose and question whether or not any of this life is worth living. Well, let me tell you.....IT IS! It is ALL worth it! Every single day, every single experience is ALL worth it! 

So, what is keeping you from feeling the same way? One word. DISCONNECTION. Our connection to our higher selves is missing. Our value, worth, sense of power, sense of self ALL comes from being connected to the Divine. (Keep in mind, this is SPIRTUAL not RELIGIOUS.)

When we starting working on ourselves FIRST, it is only then, can we see the value in participating with others, and saying "YES" to new people, places and experiences. 

So, now, HOW do you start? WHAT'S it going to take? When do I see results? Well, all of these answers are up to you. Only YOU know how you are gonna start. Only YOU will know what it is going to take, and only YOU will know when you achieve results. That is why my program is different. You will NO LONGER need or want anyone else to tell you how, when or what your gonna do! And that itself is incredibly powerful. It is time to STEP UP and be 100% accountable for your life, the direction it is going, and the results of each action you take. 

With the TranSOULmation Coaching process, YOU are in the driver's seat. You will develop a customized plan to help you bring yourself back into your own Personal Power. You will decide what methods will work for you. The options are limitless; Reiki, Crystals, Meditation, Akashic Records, Art, Grounding, Journaling, etc. You will discover the best route for you to achieve your desired results. And, I am here as your resource every step of the way. 


I will assist you in UNLOCKING your inner gifts and potential, which will help you:

  • IDENTIFY your inner strength and confidence

  • KNOW and understand when people, places or circumstances are NOT in alignment with you.

  • ELIMINATE unwanted energies keeping you from living an abundant life. (programs, recurring thoughts, cloudy judgement, etc.)

  • RAISE your current vibrational state to attract BETTER life circumstances. 

  • MOVE forward with goals and dreams. 

"You owe it to yourself to become everything you are meant to be."
Work with:
  • Reiki
  • Akashic Records
  • Shamanic Art
  • Meditation 
  • Crystal Healing 
  • And More....

So, are you ready to take back your Personal Power? 

Awesome! Head over to the TranSOULmation Coaching tab to get a better understanding of what this type of coaching is all about. I look forward to working with you. 

Know, that I am truly BLESSED and HONORED to be able to share my gifts, talents and qualities with you. You deserve the BEST! And I will do all I can to help you see and be the BEST version of YOU, each and every day!


Love, light and many blessings to you all!


"Everything is within your power, and your power is within you."

- Janice Trachtman

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