Frequently Asked Questions

What IS an Akashic Record Reading?

When a practitioner has been attuned to have access to the Akashic Records, they have the ability to access anyone's record. While in the records, the practitioner will ask questions regarding the individual soul they are reading for. Questions such as what a soul's energy centers are and what blocks and restrictions the soul has brought into this incarnation. After a series of questions, a practitioner will put together all the information for the soul's stories. The stories are then presented to the client. After the stories have been shared, the client will decide whether or not they wish to participate in clearing the blocks and restrictions

What is the CLEARING work?

The clearing work is a set of energetic statements the client will be asked to state out loud to themselves on a daily basis. The clearing process is 21 days for each reading. You will also be provided a daily and weekly guide to help you through your discovery process. Bi-weekly calls will be available if you choose. The calls will allow for questions to be answered or for additional support you may need. 

Are these readings apart of a religion?

No. The Akashic Records are not affiliated with any religion. The Records are also known as: The Book of Life, Hall of Records or The Other Side. I work with the spirituality of an individual. There is a difference.

Spirituality is simply your own conscious self recognizing you are more than just a body, you are a soul with infinite potential. There are no rules with spirituality. You follow your heart and intuition to do what is right for yourself and others. Spirituality is based on LOVE not FEAR.

Religion tells you which practices, rites or rituals you will follow to influence your beliefs. Religion can have a lot of fear based living. Fear of consequences of action or fear of death. 

However, if you look at all religion, it essentially came from a spiritual experience. For example Jesus and Prophet Mohammed both had deeply profound spiritual journeys before they embarked on their own. 

Do I need to be present for a Reading?

No. It is not necessary to be present for the reading. That is the beauty of this work. The reading is available to be provided via skype, phone, or in person. This allows for ANYONE to have a reading! 

Payment Plans Available

Choose to make payments via paypal. (includes a 10% finance charge.)

Do I do Card Readings? Yes, I do.

For a Card Reading, Please call or Text 608-408-6643.

How long does a reading take? 

The average time to receive the information from a reading is 60-90 min. There is A LOT of information that will be provided. This time also allows for any questions once the reading is complete. Now, on my end, I have had readings take me a couple hours, to well over 8 hours to do, in which I will take breaks. For this reason, I ask for about 3 days for me to complete a reading. Think of yourself reading a book. Do you read a book in just one sitting? Probably not, there is much more to these readings. (Essentially I find pieces of a puzzle, and then have to put it all together.)

Who can have a reading? 

Anyone can have a reading, as long as permission is granted. For a child, a parent must provide permission. A spouse/partner can provide permission of the other half due to being part of a union and living within the same household. A soul status reading for a child provides invaluable information for the parent/guardian! You will have clarity for why they run around doing the things they do! And have information on how to help them develop into individuals in alignment with their divinity at an early start, So they may have the best experiences life can offer! For Relationship readings, there are 2 souls involved, so permission is necessary from both parties. It is best for relationship readings to be a current relationship.

What is the process for a reading? 

Once payment/partial payment is received, you will be sent an email with instructions for your reading. FULL payment must be received BEFORE your reading will be provided. I ask for at least 3 days notice for a reading, this allows you to create intention and commitment for the reading. From there you will be provided clearing work and additional information to aid in clearing process.


Is this a Future/Psychic Reading?

No. I do not provide any future information with these readings. Future information is not necessary. These readings are for the purpose of eliminating negativity from our past currently affecting us today.  

Are payment plans available?

Yes, payment plans are available. Readings can be billed in 3 payments either monthly or bimonthly. (A 10% finance charge will be added.) Readings will be provided when final payment is received. 

How Can I learn how to read the Akashic Records? 

If you are interested in learning how to read the Akashic Records please visit my teachers site:


Soul Snapshot Reading

Not ready to do a FULL reading/clearing work?? No worries. I got you. I have created a SOUL SNAPSHOT just for you. This reading is customized to help you get a good foundation of WHO you are at SOUL level without the obligation of clearing work. 

I have taken information from a few readings that will help you identify:

  • Your primary energies

  • Your gifts

  • Your life lessons

  • Your current vibration rate

  • And more. 

This reading is FUN and will help you get started on your journey to self discovery. 

Reading cost: $395.00 

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