CBD and ME

Okay, this is a BIG topic! I often get questions on CBD products all the time.


  • "What name brand is better?"

  • "Where should I go to get it?"

  • "Will it work for me?"

  • "Is it safe?" 

  • "How do I know it is a quality product?"

I could go on, but I think you get the picture. I personally have not used CBD products, mostly because I have a pretty healthy lifestyle. However, recently, I have noticed my body feeling a little achy when I get up in the morning. Now, I am certain, my age may have something to do with it! LOL! But, I also feel that I am NOT old by any means. AND I do know that as I age, my body will age or change with me. 

As I started on my journey of products, I knew I had to do more research before I could commit to any specific product and or/ service to offer my body the support it needs to sustain its physical form. So, I did just that. I know that CBD products are EVERYWHERE! There are oils, vapes, cigarettes, gummies, sprays, foods, etc. And I also know that most of the products out there are just products to be sold. Meaning they SAY CBD this or CBD that. But in all honesty, the products are not made TO ME in a safe and healthy way. 

Why? Well, most products use CBD oils. There is a big difference between using a CBD oil vs using a CBD water soluble product. Our body is made of about 70% water. So, if you put OIL in water, does it mix? NOPE! So, if you use a product that is an oil, you will only be absorbing about 9-16% of the active ingredients. 

NOW, what about water. If you take water and add it to water, will it mix? ABSOLUTELY! When using a WATER SOLUBLE CBD product, your body will absorb it quickly AND you will receive the benefits much quicker than an oil. 

Know Your Source

It is always important for you to know WHO is the maker of your product. WHY? Well, because you only have on body and one mind, and it is up to you to take the best care of you! And if you are going to supplement or treat your body with any substance, you should absolutely know HOW that product is made and by WHO. 

Now, I am all about supporting local. And you should when you can. BUT for me, the local sources I have are oil based. And for me, I want to put a more compatible product into my body. So, I personally choose to use a Water Soluble product. This product is made with 100% organic ingredients and will allow your body to receive the benefits much faster. Not to mention, I want to use a product that has been created by a company that has an impeccable reputation for quality of products, effectiveness, customer service, etc. Again, as much as I support local, a new or local source may not have a history of results or have the resources to supply scientific data to support HOW the products are made or what makes them different or more effective. This is where I stress doing your due diligence for yourself and for your health. 

Want to know more?

If you are interested in using a CBD product that is made with the highest level of integrity and is much more effective than using traditional CBD oils, click the link below. 

I am so impressed with these products, that I am now a distributor of these products. Why? Because I have a responsibility to you. In my field of health and wellness, I want to be sure I am providing you with the best options available. AND I want you to know, I use these products in my everyday life. AND as a client/friend of mine, I want you to trust me and my knowledge of connection of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.


This is why I decided to be a direct contact for you to purchase these amazing products. So, stop by my site to see how a WATER SOLUBLE CBD can help change your state of health today. 

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