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Soul Sponsoring

Stepping into your authentic personal power is an experience every soul deserves to have. You are no exception. The path of self discovery is a magical experience few of us will ever decide to commit to. Transformation of the soul takes commitment, new patterns of behavior and most of all conscious new actions. 

As I have personally been on a self discovery journey, I know all to well how a soul journey can feel. It can be lonely. It can be scary. It can be a knock you down hard, not knowing if you can get up journey. And for any soul who is courageous enough to do the work, I honor you. 

I have many clients who ask for help outside of energetic healing work. And I am dedicated to helping you co-create the most magical experiences in full alignment of your highest path and purpose. With that in mind, I have added Soul Sponsoring services. I look forward to assisting your soul on the continuous journey of divine self expression. 

Rita Casanova
Soul Sponsor/Reiki Master Teacher

What is Soul Sponsoring?

Soul Sponsoring is honoring your soul at its most intimate level. It is helping you stay in full alignment of your highest path and purpose. It is giving you the tools you need to be consciously aware of your life at all times. It is living mindfully to co-create the best human experiences possible for yourself and others. 

Soul Sponsoring is customized sponoring or coaching as most people would identify. (I personally, don't like the word coaching, because a coach simply tells you what to do. That is not me.) Each session will look different. A soul inspired conversation is where the journey will start. There may be additional services such as: Reiki, meditation practices, art therapy, grounding techniques, etc. The sponsoring will depend on you and your soul. Soul Sponsoring sessions will be done by the package. I have created bi-weekly and monthly packages. 

Soul Sponsoring Packages
Bi-Weekly Package

6 Bi-weekly sessions

Meet 1X every 2 weeks

Each session is approximately 50 minutes

Cost: $500.00

Monthly Package

6 Monthly sessions

Meet 1X every 4 weeks

Each session is approximately 80 minutes

Cost: $750.00