"Well, I just had a reading with Rita and was amazed by the information she gave me. Very accurate and eye opening. I highly recommend everyone try this." -J.R.C.

**Total payment is due BEFORE you will be provided your reading. Please allow a minimum of 5 days for your reading to be completed.**

Payment Plans Available

A payment plan is available for this reading. Make 2 payments of $750.00. A 10% finance charge will be added. 

Life Lesson/Life Situation

The Life Lesson Reading will identify the lessons you have chosen to experience while you are here during this incarnation. We all have one primary life lesson along with secondary life lessons in which we experience in different aspects of our life daily. You will gain knowledge and understanding of what the lessons are, what aspects in life you are currently experiencing them, and know the percent of completion of each lesson. 

The Life Situation Reading is a way for you to gain insight on a situation you currently facing. You are able to choose one or two specific situations in which you may need a little help or guidance. Some common situations are: how to find the right job, how to maintain family/work balance, how to purchase a home or how to have a specific outcome of a situation such as a court case.  In this reading you will discover what blocks and restrictions you may have keeping you from an intended outcome in your situation. The blocks and/or restrictions are different in this reading than from the Soul Status reading. Why? This is another LEVEL of healing. As I have stated before, why heal the same blocks and restrictions over and over again? So, within this reading the following are blocks and/or restrictions that you may find with this reading:

  • Chakra imbalance

  • Illusion

  • Belief

  • Imprint

  • Hook/Cord

  • Karma

  • Environmental

  • Other (would be another level 1 you are ready to clear)

This reading has a 21 day cleansing process similar to the Soul Profile Reading. And if there are any environmental blocks and/or restrictions you may find you need to cut something out of your diet, or maintain larger boundaries with a friend or coworker. Or, you may an item that you wear that is holding negative energy which is impacting you on a physical, mental or emotional level. No matter what the block and/or restriction, know there is always a way to release and let go! 

These readings can be individual, however most prefer to do both readings together to have a greater impact for clearing work. 

Reading: $1,500.00 

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