Detachment is POWER

This is a topic that gets A LOT of push back. And, in all honesty, I don't mind or care. I have strong feelings about detachment. I believe that ATTACHMENT creates all the imbalances we experience. When we attach to something, we buy in. We let whatever we attach to become our only means of doing something. And this can be for just about anything. Think about it, when we are children, we are conditioned in so many ways; religion, manners, ethics, etc. Once we buy in, we get ourselves into "HAVE TO" situations. Right? Like, we HAVE TO believe there is only one way to live, or HAVE TO act a certain way in specific situations. Yes, I completely understand teaching anyone that being kind is important, and that having a food fight at an important function is not the best way to entertain. BUT, I do think we have to allow ourselves and others to DETACH from "HAVE TO!"

Detachment brings a sense of freedom your soul is searching for.

We are here to have our own unique experiences. No one else will have the same. So, why live like you need to do what others are doing?

I get asked all the time in my profession, "Can you tell me if I am an EMPATH?" "Am I an Extrovert?" "Am I a healer?" This is another way I absolutely HATE attachment! Understand that we are ALL things! We are ALL empaths, extroverts, introverts, healers, etc. We are literally ALL made of the same energetic qualities. The difference is that we have different amounts which allow us to use our qualities however WE want to. So, if for a day you need to be an introvert, do it. Want to be an empath? Do it. You can do whatever you want to! I get so sad when I see people out there wondering why they feel the way they do, or struggle with self identity and then think, OH, let me take this quiz and allow this social media site, post, or whatever tell me what I am. And then on top of it...….BUY into it! And I get it. Social media is a platform to disengage with society on a personal level. It allows us to be the "us" we want others to see. There is not much authenticity when it comes to social media. And the few who are authentic will have a site that has both lovers and haters. And yes, I too like to see what my friends are up to and enjoy some of the memes that come across my page. And yes, I use social media to help get my information out there about my business and to educate others on things I feel are important to learn about or understand. However, I have no intention what so ever for anyone to think or believe they are only one thing such as an empath or extrovert, OR believe they can only do one or two things to be happy, OR to convince anyone they can only have one job. That's insane to think I have any of that type of power over anyone else. Not to mention, I don't want that type of power. The power I want to use is my power to educate through my experience. Me, myself. My power. My abilities to see past the "HAVE TO's!" It is an amazing experience to be free from all of those types of conditioning and manipulations. I mean, that is what it is. Some see it as entertainment, but in reality, they are trying to give you cause to be what you THINK you should be based off of how you have been conditioned to believe! (you might want to read that sentence again.) They have the intention of providing temporary relief. "All I do is give and give with nothing in return. OH, I am an empath. So, that means it can just keep happening and I should be ok with it because this article says so, because all empaths feel like I do." NO! Absolutely NOT! If you are tired of feeling like you give and give, stand up for yourself and expect to receive!

We as humans are the most powerful beings on earth. There is nothing more powerful than a human who walks the earth with the full understanding that they are everything. They carry within them all of the elements, the stars and universe, and know they have the ability to do WHATEVER they want. They understand that every thought, feeling and action is a CHOICE. So, if they want to have a great day, they will. They want to have a bad day, they will. They want to climb a mountain top, They will. They want to rescue wildlife, they will. The people in this world who choose to see themselves as powerful creators are the ones we all should be seeking out. They are the ones who will not judge you, but yet will be the ones who will help you find your true identity. They are the ones that will provide you will a different kind of hope and freedom. They are the ones that love unconditionally and support your wildest dreams and goals without hesitation or questioning. THOSE are the types of friends everyone should have. The people who no matter what, see you as an equal regardless of what your income is, or how you dress, or what materials you have in life.

Detachment saves us. We need to detach from people, places and things. Our personal power is found when we detach from thinking we have to be at a certain place by the time we are 30. It is found when we detach from feeling like we have to compete with others and win all the time. It is found when we realize we can't bury a million dollar home with us when we die. DETACH. Detach from NEEDING certain situations in life, or certain people. Yes, I do say and truly believe we need people to co-create in this life. But what I am saying here is detach from thinking you can't do anything without certain people. You know, the ones you call every time you are afraid to do something on your own. Or the ones you know will always pick up the phone because they are always home. Detach from thinking and knowing you can only be one thing whether it is am empath and extrovert or whatever. YOU ARE EVERYTHING! YOU HAVE EVERYTHING inside of you. You just have to choose to use it. Everything you will ever need is there. You may have to dust it off and shake it up a bit, but it is there. You are the only one who can take it out and you are the only one who knows how to use it. Detach from thinking you CAN'T do or have. YES, you can. Our thoughts are what allows us to feel and act. If you think you can't, you won't. If you think you have to, you will. So, stop thinking and start detaching!

You are everything! You have all the ingredients to do whatever you want in life. You have a unique design to fulfill your purpose/mission here on Earth. Don't allow someone else to tell you who you are or what you are capable of. Only YOU have that answer.

Something beautiful starts to begin when you start to detach. You start to feel empowered. You start to know exactly what it is you want in life. You start to identify the things that are of disservice to you. You start to challenge who you are and who you want to be. And all of those things lead amazing self discovery of power. Your power. The power you have had all along. The power that you need to use. The power others need to see. The gifts you have to provide to the world. All of this can be done just by detaching. Let go of what you think life is supposed to be. Life is what you want it to be. And it can be down right amazing! You just need to choose to detach. Choose to be free. Choose to be the divine creator of your own human experience! It is the only way to live.

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