Do you know who you are?

Ah, one of the greatest life-long questions along with the infamous, why are we here? Defining who we are always seems to be one of the most difficult challenges we face, especially as an adult. Why? Why does it seem we can not see WHO we truly are? And why do we ALWAYS have a problem with letting others in on the information? We are constantly hiding who we are and we always seem to get lost when we try to dig deep enough to let our true self surface to the outside world. Time and time again, on countless cycles of depression, lifelessness and hopelessness, I myself, have endured many encounters with my self only to fail to answer this purposeful question of identity.

We have all been created by the divine. We all have gifts to share with the world. If you are living here in a human body, you have been designed to create and experience. Your soul craves it. And when you STOP creating and STOP experiencing, you disconnect from your higher self. This means when you sit around the house all day long, binge watching Netflix and ordering food to be delivered to your door, you are not feeding your soul CREATION and EXPERIENCE. In order to live successfully, with a healthy soul and with the consciousness of knowing WHO you truly are, you must be active with the information. Simply put, when you know who you are, you know exactly what you want to do to help not only yourself, but the world around you. And when you are actively using yourself for the greater good of the world, everything else including the sense of fulfilling your purpose will be available to you.

So, what keeps us from the consciousness of knowing who we are. That one is kinda easy but hard to understand. Choices and consequences. That is it! Every day we make choices, and ever choice comes with a consequence. Positive choices create positive consequences and Negative choices create negative consequences. Now, what determines if a choice is positive or negative? Well, we know WE as people are judgmental, and MOST of the time, use our perceptions to determine whether or not something is positive or negative. HOWEVER, if you look at if from the perspective that a choice is just a choice, it will be easier to understand the next bit of information. We all have been designed to use our divine gifts to navigate us through this great big world. Our energetic engineering is very specific! We have been designed to interact with the world in a very specific way to create and experience all of the life circumstances we said we would before we got to this ginormous place. So, how does our energetic engineering affect our choices and consequences? Easy. When we make a choice to do something that DOES NOT support our energetic engineering, the choice is then considered negative. Again, we have a blueprint for success, when we follow it, success flows. When we choose to live against it, we stumble, fall and no longer know who we are or resonate with our true identity. Now, every time we make a choice outside of our true identity, we get further and further from our truth and eventually no longer have access to it. Our identity is STILL there, we just have buried it underneath many negative choices that we can only live one way. Negatively. That is when we all have that day we wake up and go, "what has happened to me?" "Who am I?" "Why am I here?" Internally, it is down right depressing and extremely hard to get back. Why is it so hard to get back? Well, think of how many choices you made every single day that was negative to your true identity. Think of how many YEARS you have spent making those choices. Losing yourself doesn't just happen. It slowly happens, so to find yourself again, you will progress slowly. (By the way the 3D is the HARDEST energetic frequency to change.) It will take time even years for you to feel the way you used to. And along the way, your EGO will try its hardest to keep you from committing to change. (Ego is not bad, it is just doing its job. We need Ego. Ego keeps us safe from harm. But Ego doesn't know the difference between good or bad change, so he will show his self ANY TIME we are put in the "uncomfortable" zone.)

Now, what if there was a quicker way to KNOW who you truly are? What if there was a way to KNOW exactly WHAT steps you need to take to get your true identity back? Would you do it? Keep in mind, there will still be a lot of work involved, but you will have all the information needed within a couple of days to get you started on your path back to your personal freedom. This is where the Akashic Records come into play. I LOVE the records. I have access to them at the 5th dimension. (You must be attuned to have the access I have.) Within the records I can GIVE you all your information. I will tell you HOW you are designed. I will tell you HOW you must interact with the world to create. I will give you a specific action plan for you to use to help you bring back your personal power and bring back your true identity. This information is INVALUABLE! This information WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! This information will immediately EMPOWER you to take back control of your life! You will unlock all the hidden desires of your soul and start to feel like you have purpose in this great big world. You may even find yourself wanting to change the world! (Which, you have been brought here to do.) This is an amazing experience everyone needs to have. And for me, there is NO greater joy, than catching the first smile of a client who receives their reading and realizes how powerful they truly are. True validation comes from these readings. Commitment to passion comes from these readings. The lost sense of self comes from these readings. Saying yes, is just the beginning for you in this world in which you were born to shine! Contact me today to get started. Mention this blog and you will receive $150 off your first reading!

Happy Healing,

Rita Casanova

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