Giving and Receiving challenge

Tis the season of giving! Do you ever feel like sometimes you give, give and give without feeling the sense of receiving? Sometimes what we THINK we deserve and what we actually get are not always congruent with our vibrational state. And when we don't get what we THINK we deserve, most of the time it is because we are NOT a vibrational match to what we want. In order to be a vibrational match to get what you truly desire, you must FIRST commit to changing you CURRENT VIBRATIONAL STATE. Now, please keep in mind, this challenge is not about me telling you if you do these things, POOF all your wishes and desires will come true. NO! I would never say that or believe that it could happen without putting in commitment and work.

I always see this time of year the "Gratitude challenge." Telling the world what you are grateful for on a daily basis. And you pick one thing daily and say you are grateful. I get it, it is important to be grateful, and it is beautiful to see and acknowledge others when they can identify what they are grateful for, but what about if you truly want to CHANGE your current life circumstances. Want to get out of a bad job, want a new home, want to attract the relationship you desire? This is where my Giving and Receiving challenge comes in. This challenge isn't about doing something one time a year and then waiting till the next years season comes around to do it again. This challenge is about SHIFTING your perspective to help you achieve the balance of giving and receiving so YOU CAN create new life experiences that you would like to have. Think about it, if you WANT something, you need to be willing to GIVE something. But sometimes we are not sure what is enough to give, or how to give. That is where this challenge can help you out. Is it easy? Nope. Will you struggle here and there? YEP! Will you want to throw in the towel? ABSOLUTELY! But, I can tell you that IF you CHOOSE to commit to these actions/behaviors, you WILL shift your vibrational state and SEE your current life circumstances change! (Sometimes very quickly depending on your manifesting design.)

I have designed this challenge to have small actions of change. Small actions help us have more consistency to shift our vibrational state. I believe manifesting becomes easier when we break down BIG actions into small doses of shifting. Plus it helps to keep us out of a energetic crisis.(Shifting too much too soon.) I myself, will also be participating in the actions/behaviors included for each month. The Challenge will begin on October 1st 2019 and end on December 31st 2019. And the best part? By then, you won't be thinking of it as a challenge that will end, but as actions you will continue to do because the actions have helped you create new life circumstances. So, maybe think of this as your "introductory period" of a LONG time investment in yourself.

So who is up for this challenge? Anyone can join, and YES you can join at ANYTIME. So, if you want to take a couple days to think about it, that is ok. Or if you don't think you are ready to do one or two of the actions, that is ok too. It is about having the options to know you have the power to create whatever you want in life by learning to balance your giving and receiving energy. And the more investment you have in yourself, the more committed you will be to this challenge and the more successes you will see along the way. So, who's with me?

The first month (October) PDF or word doc is attached to the EVENTS page of my site. Feel free to take a look at what is included over the next 31 days. November's list will be provided toward the end of October.

Happy Shifting to ALL!!

May this season bring you to new happiness and abundance.



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