Meditation and pain

Morphine, Meloxicam, Opium, Cymbalta, Gabapentin, and more! These are just some of the medications I was on for my nerve pain. From the moment I woke up to the time I went to bed I was watching the clock counting down till I could take my next dose. I was always trying to stay ahead of crippling pain that would run down the entire right side of my body. I had steroid injections and radiofrequency procedures over and over on both sides of my neck. And even with physical therapy, I was still in pain. I felt completely useless when it came to being a mom, a manager, pretty much basically human. I was miserable. I was depressed, in a nut shell, I was DEPENDENT! I was dependent on drugs, procedures and other people to figure out how to make me better.

After the daily feeling of being a victim, I woke up one day tired of being who and what I was. Dependent and lost! Something had to change. I had to find a way to feel like me, even though I had no idea WHAT or WHO I was. I decided to research alternatives. I had already started to dabble into metaphysical studies, so I thought I would give some a try. I started with simple techniques of mindfulness and meditation.

In the beginning. I struggled big time. I had a hard time sitting Indian style for any duration of time. And I also couldn't hold my neck up for too long before the pain down my arms and legs would kick in, but I was determined to see if what I read was true. (that our bodies are made to self heal.) I chose small simple meditations where I would visually picture white light around my body and healing energy flowing through my head and neck. Immediately, I felt calm, but the pain was still there. So, I continued to the next day, and the next day. All of a sudden I realized I was no longer watching the clock to know when to take my next dose of medication, I WANTED to do more activities. (mostly laundry, dishes, and small house hold chores.) I then started to think differently. I started to feel less and less like a victim. By then, I was able to complete 20-30 minutes of meditation daily. And then, I started to WANT to mediate more often. The moment I felt pain or stressed, I stopped to meditate, even if I only had a couple minutes. It was amazing to see how all of a sudden I recognized my triggers. (triggers that induced pain or anxiety.) Eventually, I learned how to AVOID my triggers without really feeling like that is what I was doing. Every positive experience I had was done without any real physical effort. Now, yes, I was more physically active, but in some way, I was just doing more without really consciously thinking about it.

I was finally understanding how my body was communicating with me. It was like a complete change of life. I no longer wanted to be a victim. I no longer wanted to be in pain. I no longer wanted to depend on anyone else, and I definitely no longer trusted anyone else to tell me what I needed or had to do to feel better. I did it all on my own. Within 6 months or so, I was completely off pain medications. And the best part, I pretty much went cold turkey. I didn't need to be weaned off of anything. I knew that I was in control of my own healing. What I was healing, how I was healing, and how fast I was healing. And I can say it was an incredibly liberating experience. Was it easy? NO. I had to face a lot of memories that popped into my head that I really did not want to acknowledge, but I did. I also had to retrain my brain to know my triggers. Sometimes my triggers were people, sometimes they were places and sometimes they were situations. But, knowing my triggers allowed me be ahead of the game. I knew when I didn't want to be around certain people, or be in a certain place. It was empowering. I finally felt like I was in total control over my thoughts, my feelings and actions.

Meditating had opened a whole new world for me. Without it, I would have never discovered other healing modalities such as Reiki, crystal healing or past life readings. I was hooked on energy healing since the day I understood how powerful we as humans really are. I get a lot of push back sometimes because people see me and have no idea how I got where I am. They see my in pretty amazing health and think I have never had a bad experience or that I don't remember what I was like to be in pain. Trust me, I remember, the difference is I no longer allow it to consume me to the point of affecting physically, mentally or emotionally. I have learned to accept my past and have learned that all the symptoms that went along with it where created by myself. And now, I no longer choose to allow my body to feel like it did AND I certainly do not allow my mind to think anything less than powerful.

We have it all. We are the most powerful beings on this earth. Nothing is more powerful than a human in 3D form. We have abilities that can help us do WHATEVER we want. We can create some of the most amazing experiences if we allow ourselves. We can be free from our past, we can be free from our wounds. We can break the cycle of illness and we most definitely can make ourselves immune to all the negativity the world is capable of. It all starts with a thought. Our own personal thought. Meditation is a way to bring back our personal power and our control back to our thoughts. Meditation helps us see who we truly are and helps us challenge what we can be. It allows us to break free from thinking we NEED to be anything. We can be whatever we want. Meditation can help us manifest our dreams into reality. It may seem like impossible to do at first, but that is because most of us do not fully understand what it truly means to meditate.

We meditate all day long. We just don't call it that. Any time we focus our energy on one thing in the present moment, we are meditating. YES. Prayer is a great example. We are focused on an outcome yet we are fully present with intention. We don't allow additional thoughts to cut us off from what message we are trying to convey. We are putting concentrated effort into creating; whether it is a goal, healing, help with family, etc. That is all meditation is. Being present, yet acknowledging there are other things happening all around you. (you just don't join in on all the other stuff.) I am not saying it is easy at first. It does take time. 10 days of consistent meditation will help you see a difference. You will be more relaxed, more generous, more mindful and more attuned to not only yourself but everyone around you.

This is why I teach. Education. It is essential for us to fully understand what we as humans and our bodies are capable of doing. I think health class is not enough. I want people to question society and to challenge what they already know. ESPECIALLY if they feel doubt. Because I can guarantee that is their intuition hitting the nail on the head. Don't believe everything you see on YouTube or Google. You don't even have to agree with any words on this page. In fact, I don't want you to read this and just agree with me. I want you to open your hearts and your minds and discover for yourself whether or not ANYTHING works or is of value to you. You should be doing that every day of your life! Experiencing, creating, challenging. Your soul craves it. Most of us desire it! So, instead of contemplating whether or not your are going to do it. Just go out and do it! You are human. You can do ANYTHING. All you got to do it get up and try. And then you might just discover who you really are!

Meditation sessions start this Sunday at 10 am. Contact me today join. We have sessions every day of the week. Take a look at our Events page.

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