Mother nature, help me!

I love to be outside! The fresh air, the smell of freshly cut grass, feeling the warmth of the sunshine on my face, be outside. Natures remedies are all around us. Taking off your shoes and allowing your bare feet to touch the ground, sand or water gives you an amazing electric charge from the earth! Not too many people get excited about the earth, its energy and the affects it can have on you as a human, but I DO! The earth is amazing! It is filled with energy, which includes us, by the way! We are all energy. So, in order to survive, we need lots of forms of energy. What kind of forms? People, air, water, experiences, etc. they are all energy, and we NEED them all to survive.

Mother nature is always there for us. We just choose to ignore her most of the time. Did you know 40 minutes of grounding per day can decrease inflammation in the body? Did you know inflammation is leading cause of most physical symptoms in the body? Yes, think about it. Asthma, inflammation of the airways, arthritis, inflammation of the joints, etc. I could go on, but I think you get the picture. Yes, if you CHOOSE to spend 40 min per day with your bare feet on the ground you will decrease or eliminate inflammation in the body resulting in better health! I personally love to ground myself by putting my bare feet in the river located a few blocks from my home at a community park! I LOVE it! bare feet, with the water slowly and sometimes a little more aggressively sweeping over my feet washing my cares away! And I enjoy knowing I am receiving the love of Mother earth through her electric energy charge! Our bodies crave this type of energy. Why do you think people have invented the concept of seasonal depression? Because we are inside all day and do not expose ourselves to nature! Yet, the moment it starts to get warm outside, we all go running to find anything we can do while the sun is out and the temperature is pleasant. WE NEED to be within the elements of our precious earth! And when we don't get outside to spend time with good old Mother Earth, we become angry, bitter, judgmental, etc. We pretty much are down right cranky! The crankiness is your body telling you, you need to do something different than what you are currently doing! And I can guarantee, stepping outside, putting your bare feet on the grass/dirt, or simply taking a stroll in a park will IMMEDIATELY lift your spirits and bring you to a state of relaxation. Ever been around someone right after they come back from vacation? Especially if they were in a tropical place or camping, or anything outdoors? How do they talk about their experiences? They loved it, right? Not to mention, they talk about it in a positive mood. They say they could have stayed there forever, they want to go back. Well, of course they do! Because they took the opportunity to enjoy Mother Earth at her finest! They are now relaxed, and want to continue to have that feeling. BUT, they HAVE to work right? You know, they CAN still work and find other ways to be with Mother Earth that doesn't need to include an airline ticket and going broke? All they have to do is choose too! That's it! Just choose to give yourself the time to walk outside, to side in the grass, to feel leaves on a tree or flower, to take off their shoes and socks to stick in a natural body of water. And ANY amount of time will give you benefits! Obviously, the more time you give yourself, the more benefits you will have, but time is still time, so if you can't give 40 min, start with 10 per day, you will be amazed at how you will find ways to give yourself more than 40 min! I could spend hours sitting with my feet in the water with a good book or listening to a meditation! And I am always encouraging others to do the same. It is kinda what I do.

When was the last time you got outside to just sit and do nothing? And, no I don't mean, taking out the garbage, or driving yourself to work. I mean, purposefully going outside to participate in what Mother Earth has been designed to do, keep you healthy! She is there to provide us with everything we need to maintain our human form. She provides all the elements needed to grow food, she provides us with water to drink, stones to heal, fresh air to breath in, etc. She is amazing! She provides LIFE to not just humans, but pets and animals of all sorts. From the driest deserts to the tropical rainforest and anything in between. NOTHING can survive without her! Does she test us from time to time? Absolutely, she wants us to take care of her, she wants us to know when she is hurting and needs our help. Natural disasters, maybe, but do you think she intends to create harmful experiences for us? I don't. And maybe you will stop reading now for me saying that, but I believe when those experiences happen, it is because we are disrespectful to her and not treating and caring for her properly, that she, just like our body, is inflamed! And when inflamed, she can only react the best way she knows how, just like our bodies giving us the experience of a physical symptom after years of disrespecting our human form! A wake up call if you will. Mother Earth is beautiful. And again, her purpose is give us LIFE! To give us what we need to be sustainable on this planet! To help us maintain health and balance of life! She is to be cherished. You would not be able to exist without her! And if you are only partially existing, you need to start paying attention! The moment you choose to allow her to play her role in your life, you will notice your whole world and perception of it will change dramatically. Use Mother Earth to bring your status of health back to what it was. I am sure as a child you remember how much fun you had outside, without a care in the world, dirt under your nails and a hand full of dandelions you gave your mom every time you came across one because you just had to pick it! (They are yellow, and look fun, so why not, right? LOL) Imagine waking up and not having the opportunity to pick a flower, or feel the sand between your toes, or feel the warmth of the sun on your face! I challenge you today to get out and experience 10 minutes a day with Mother Earth. Show her you value her RESOURCES, and her ENERGY! Let her smile back with an amazing electrical charge to boost your spirits along with you mind and body! Be consistent with Mother Earth and she will consistently keep you in balance. And isn't that a life lesson everyone should experience? Balance. Make your day magical.


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