Reiki anyone?

If you ask, you shall receive. I have recently discovered there are Reiki practitioners out there who don't practice Reiki on a regular basis. WHY? I can't exactly explain the WHY, because Reiki is AMAZING and has so many benefits. BUT, what I do know is that the spiritual journey can be a lonely journey and sometimes the loneliness gets the best of us and the first thing we do is hide!

On my own spiritual journey I hid just like a lot of them. I was so worried people would doubt what Reiki can do, or just assume I am a witch disguised as a Reiki practitioner. I practiced Reiki on myself EVERYDAY. And using Reiki is how I became 100% pain free from my traumatic accident in 2009. So, I ABSOLUTELY, WHOLEHEARTEDLY feel Reiki is a benefit for ANYONE. But, like I said, I hid it from everyone too!

Don't hide your gift and talent. Embrace the divine light and energy within. Show the world who you are and what you are capable of. Now is the time to step into your own PERSONAL POWER.

I struggled with creating a practice because I lacked confidence in how I could help others. I found myself KNOWING I could help them, but when I would bring up Reiki in conversation, I was mostly just entertaining people who would NEVER call me up or walk through my door. So, what changed. ME. I had to change. I made the decision that in order for me to have the confidence to help others, I had to ACTUALLY help others! (I know, seems simple, but energy work is not as easy as you think when you know the principles and try to work within the laws of you know, they universe.) Anyway. I decided, for ME, Reiki wasn't enough. My struggle was REALLY about me wanting to provide MORE than just Reiki. See, deep down, I PERSONALLY felt that helping others required MORE than just giving a Reiki session. I wanted my clients to have EDUCATION. And not just about Reiki. I wanted my clients to use Reiki as a tool. I didn't want Reiki to be the ONLY tool. There are so many wonderful ways to help heal the mind, body and spirit, that I personally could not commit to just one area of expertise. (I know, I know, you are supposed to just have one or two things you are great at and stick to it! PUH-LEASE! No, thanks.) I wanted to be the ultimate resource for ANYONE looking to heal through alternatives. So, my journey became packed full of crystals, energy, meditation, art, Akashic Records etc.

I am not gonna lie, my journey was long. And not because of the learning or the energy work, or always being in detox mode, but because the resources were not always there. Now, YES, there are many ways online to learn how to do things, BUT I am NOT that type of learner when it comes to working hands on. I need to see, touch, work with and practice. That is just how I retain more information. And yes, I do take lots of classes online, but there are just some classes I need physical interaction to have a full understanding. What sucked, was when I wanted to learn other methods, the classes were always a couple months out, or I had to wait to register, or the class was over an hour a way. And yes, I believe classes come to us when we are ready, so yes, that was MY timeline. However, I always felt in the back of my mind that the classes could somehow be integrated, so there weren't so many steps involved.

The other issue I kept running into was PRACTICE. I needed to practice on someone. And I would ask friends and family if they would help. I got so many "yes," "absolutely," "sure," responses. HOWEVER, when it came down to actually scheduling...……...crickets. No one had time, they had to get back to me, something came up, etc.....

I have been practicing Reiki, crystal healing, meditation practices, art therapy, psychic and some shamanic work for almost 5 years now. It may not seem like a long time, but trust me, when it comes to energy healing, I am well versed. I have a lot of clients who continuously ask me to teach. And YES, I am certified to teach every modality I know. (All except the Akashic Records.) Recently I have found a couple of Reiki level I students who have told me they don't practice. And I was saddened by this news. All the joy and healing Reiki can bring, and there are people out there who have access to it, but don't use it. Sad face emoji!

So, after reflecting on this information and looking back on my own journey, I realized, maybe I am not the only person who feels like they need more than just Reiki to have the confidence to actively practice. So, I asked a couple of the hidden Reiki practitioners, would you be interested in taking a class that NOT ONLY teaches Reiki, but shows you how to use other methods in conjunction with it? The response was, "OMG, please do. I want to learn it all. Sign me up." "YES, let me know when and where. I will be there." So, I present to you MY OWN version of learning Reiki.

Learn how to use the tools of the universe to help yourself and others heal from pain, illness, trauma, etc.

Each of the Levels of Reiki will include multiple classes. Meaning you will learn and be attuned to Reiki, but you will also learn other skills to implement while providing a session such as crystals, sage, pendulums, etc. You will also learn how to create your own forms, handouts and Reiki manual if you choose to teach. I will also help you by providing opportunities to come back and practice with my own clients or with other Reiki students. I want to ensure that each student is 100% confident is using Reiki in all the ways possible. You will have practice at all levels, perform distant reiki, charge crystals, clear homes/work spaces, AND you will learn how to take this information to TEACH to your own clients. You will also learn how to be more intuitive with each modality you learn! And trust me, IT IS EXCITING!

What does this mean? It means you WILL want to share Reiki with the world. You will no longer feel like you are alone. You will have the support of not only me, but of other Reiki practitioners of all levels. You will be confident in your abilities as a practitioner. You get to decide HOW you want to use Reiki with your clients. You will be LIMITLESS with your abilities.

So, if you are ready to learn Reiki, ready to get back at it, or looking to have the next level of attunement, I got you covered! Contact me today to get started. All the information is on my website. Any questions? You know where to find me!

Love, light and healing energy,


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