Someone save our souls! This might be a tough topic for some to be open to. For me, I am NOT looking to be saved. Why? Because we are EXACTLY where WE asked to be. We are. Not one person is here living on earth without having provided consent to it. Each and everyone of us has free will. And every person on earth has CHOSEN to be here by their own free will. It is true. No one is here to be punished, no one is here to walk around aimlessly wondering what the heck they are here for. We all have designed a very specific plan of our lives here on earth. The problem lies within the 3D form. (human body) When we are just wandering around as a soul, we can do anything, we have access to other worlds, dimensions, states of consciousness, etc. However, when we cram ourselves into a human body, we limit our abilities instantly. How would you feel knowing you could come and go and do whatever you wanted, but all of a sudden all of that is taken away the moment you are born into a human body? It wouldn't feel so good, and it doesn't!

I hear all the time that people need Jesus, and that they need to be saved. Maybe. But maybe we are looking to be saved by someone who can only be of SERVICE to us and the SAVING part is up to us. This is where my spiritual soul takes over my 3D form. I know I am here for a purpose. I also know I am the ONLY one who knows what my mind and body need to heal and to essential take care of my soul and physical form. NO ONE else has that power. NO ONE else knows what I need. You know why? NOT one other person or entity or God knows what it is like to be me, so how can I ask someone who has NO clue as to what it feels like to be me, to fix me, or SAVE me? This is a tough one, right? Really try to think on this one. Take for example how you help others. DO you tell them what to do? Or do you listen and try to tell them what YOU WOULD do? Ah, there is a difference, right? So, why would a God or angel or guide be any different. They can only provide love and support to help US figure out what WE need to do next on our with the help of the rest of the world. Now, please don't make me out to be someone who dislikes or doesn't believe in God. That is not what I am saying. I am saying that we need to look at HOW we use our resources. Do we EXPECT our Gods, angels, guides to do things for us? Because they can't. They can not just make money appear or illness to just go away. HOWEVER, they CAN put us into alignment with an EXPERIENCE that we have a CHOICE to acknowledge and follow through on to create our desired outcome OR we can make the CHOICE to not acknowledge and create leaving us worse off than before. This is where we can truly find our own PERSONAL POWER.

Life is all about experiences. That's it. We are here to have as many experiences as we can before we go home. What we do with our experiences is completely up to us. We determine what we do every day. There is no one telling us what we need to do. (Even though I know a lot of people will choose to not hear me on that.) The reason why people even think someone else is responsible for all their hardship and crappy life situations is because in the human form it is easier to place blame on someone else than to own the responsibility. This is a tough idea to believe. The human brain is incredibly powerful. Scientists have barely discovered all that it is capable of. Our brains are limitless. We as humans create the limits to what we can and can not do. Now, imagine if you allowed yourself to be limitless. It can be done, it will just take a lot of conscious effort. The subconscious is a magical place! This is where our true desires and abilities hide. And, yes, we are the ones who store them there, and yes, on purpose. And even though we are the ones who store them away, most of the time we do it without knowing because we are too busy trying to conform to whoever is telling us what we truly desire or want to do is wrong! So, I don't blame anyone for not knowing what their true power is. I, myself, have allowed myself to be programmed for many years. And as a child, it is kinda just the way it goes unfortunately. The difference for me, was I challenged everything. I never settled. I was always the one who had the thoughts in the back of my head thinking, "this can't be the only way." or "well, why do other cultures do what they do?" or "if we are all here to co-create, why would God want us all to do the same things?" This made me very unlikeable to A LOT of people. And I was completely ok with all of it. I did struggle through a lot of life trying to find my place in a world that seemed to always be up against me. I have been labeled crazy, a witch, and some other names I won't list. But, anyway, I stayed true to myself because I was feeling more like me. I was feeling like I had more of a purpose and I was finding my value and power. To anyone on the same journey....keep going, there are others out there who need you to keep going. Use every day as an experience you will be able to share with the rest of the world when they are ready to hear it! Trust me, your voice will be heard and your stories will inspire.

The world needs every person out there. We need every experience from every person to help us heal and grow and to evolve. Saving is such a weak word to me. I don't want to SAVE anyone. I am in my business to EMPOWER every individual who wishes to come into my life. Saving means we are doing the work. I don't want to be responsible for anyone else's journey. HOWEVER, I don't mind being responsible for helping someone find their true power within them! There is a BIG difference. When someone takes responsibility of their own life, they create opportunity for others to do the same. As I would say in a group of spiritual people, "energy likes energy." The energy you have, you will attract. So, if you change your vibrational state, everything around you has to change to match it. So, when people talk about changing the world......that is how you do it. CHANGE your own VIBRATIONAL STATE. It is a magical experience to have because not only are you responsible for your own changes, you can be responsible for impacting others to do the same! Again, you are NOT saving them, you are creating experience for them to self discover. If they choose to accept, amazing things will happen, if they choose not to, no biggie, they will continue to live the life they have! And not one person on this earth has been assigned responsibility for or to anyone else. And if that is what you feel you have to do or are already doing, it is by your choice. The perceptions you have of this world are your own. It is like living in fear. If you think the world is a scary place and that everyone is out to get you or everyone is a terrorist, those are the experiences you are going to create and experience. HOWEVER, if you choose to see the world for all its beauty and can see how wonderful it is to live in a place where everyone has value to provide, you will attract those types of experiences.

So, saving is what our world needs. Our world needs AUTHENTICITY. We need everyone to be who they truly are. We need everyone to provide the world with the gifts they have in a way that empowers them and brings the greatest joy to everyone around them. This will be a tough project to take on. It will not be easy, it will definitely suck, but every once of effort will be worth it! A world in which we live to see the beauty of differences, that is what we need to co-create the exact experiences we so long desire! I encourage you to get started on something magical today!

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