When I am introduced to people and they ask what I do, I always find it hard to tell them. Not because I am worried of what they think of me, but mostly because it is hard for most to understand. YES! I am a psychic, but trying to keep my own identity is indeed hard. My work is definitely different. I specialize in a unique modality. The Akashic Records. The records can be done by anyone. I just happen to be attuned to have immediate access to them. I also have a code of ethics I am committed to, so I don't do easy peasy readings. I have seen lots of advertising for walk-in readings at numerous metaphysical shops, wellness centers, psychic fairs, etc. But for me, I don't work with easy peasy. My readings are not for entertainment purposes. They are for those who are looking to CHANGE their lives. And for those willing to invest/commit to self improvement on a daily basis.

I also understand that for some, my prices seem a bit high. (But, I know for a fact with what I offer and what you will receive in return, you can not put a price on.) I wanted to find a way to provide those who may not be ready for a FULL reading and clearing an opportunity to discover a little bit of who they are at soul level without breaking the bank, or giving away my energetic intellect. So, I introduce to you.....the SOUL SNAPSHOT!

This reading will provide you with beginning soul level information. You will learn about what makes you, YOU! Find out about you primary energy center, where/how you learned your primary characteristics, your current soul vibrational frequency, etc. This reading is a FUN snapshot of self discovery. With NO clearing work involved! It is time to take the first step towards personal empowerment and freedom by having a SOUL SNAPSHOT reading today! All it takes is a little bit of primary information for me to get started. For more information go to the "Additional Readings" page. Or if you would like to see what other options there are to work with me, such as tarot cards or psychic readings, go to the "Work with Rita" page.

I look forward to those who are ready to discover soul level information with an Akashic Record reading today. By the way, if you are reading this, it is NOT a coincidence, it is synchronicity! This article is confirmation you are ready to discover who you are at soul level. The opportunity is here, walking through the door is up to you! I invite you to come on in!

Love, light and blessings to you all!


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