The wonderful world of dreams

Ever wake up and wonder "why the heck was I dreaming that!" or "what does THAT dream mean?" I myself, have had many mornings where a dream consumes my mind for a better part of a day or even two or three! I do enjoy a good dream where I can remember every detail of the scene, who I was, who else was involved and what was going on. Dreams are essential for our MENTAL health. We need dreams. Dreams allow us to wander in the world of the subconscious mind and I LOVE the subconscious. I spend a lot of time there, so I know all too well of its power and what we have access to if we choose it!

Anyway, amazing things can happen with the help of our subconscious mind. We can recall memories of past experiences, we can challenge our fears, we can let go of our past, or we can simply travel from our human form to "take a break" from the crazy world we live in. Yes, our souls leave our body on average, 3 times a week! Our souls need to recharge, so the best way to do that, is to NOT be in the human body. So, if you have ever had an experience with the "sleep paralysis" phenomenon, it is essentially, you waking up while your soul is trying to reenter your body. (You just happened to wake up before your soul was completely back.) And YES, there is a way to keep this from happening! All you have to do is ask. Yep, before you go to bed, just simply say, "angels, guides, or whoever you choose, please don't allow me to wake up BEFORE my soul comes back into my body. Thank you." And TA-DA. Now, the more stressed out you are or the more hardship you have, the more frequent the soul will leave the body. I remember I always had sleep paralysis as a teenager. And YES, I had all kinds of major drama in my life at that time, so when I look back, I KNOW my soul was like, "Good lord, do something to let this girl live!" And when this is all going on, we are using our subconscious mind! That is how we dream, travel, have the deja-vu moments, etc. And to me, I LOVE all of it!

There are so many ways to interpret a dream or vision, but to be honest, the only perception that matters is yours. They are YOUR dreams, so the only person who is qualified to understand them or interpret them is YOU. Yes, there are many books out there on ways to interpret, but you must remember that YOU chose the dream! This is where I say and stick to my guns about choice! EVERYTHING we do consciously or unconsciously is a CHOICE. There is a reason for our dreams, every single one of them. Now, they may not make any sense, but again, we chose the dream, we chose who is in them, we chose where we would be, etc. Sometimes a dream is used to help us solve a problem, or sometimes it is used to release stress, anger or worry. Sometimes a dream is used to remember a specific situation we had either in this lifetime or in another that needs to be acknowledged to help us release our past or previous traumas that may still be affecting us today. Whatever the reason, just know, there is a reason! And the best part about dreaming? You CAN control them. I know, I know, you may think I am crazy on this one, but you absolutely can control the content of your dreams. There are a couple ways to do this. And some ways take time learning how to consistently access the subconscious, but the only one I will talk about today is the one method that is fairly easy to do for anyone at any level of education of the mind, body connection. Ready? Before you go to bed, sit mindfully and ask. That's it! If you are stuck with a problem or maybe don't know how to have a specific conversation with someone, just sit in bed, take a few breaths, and say out loud what you NEED from your dream. It is easy, again, simple request, BUT one thing I have learned is to be very SPECIFIC about WHAT you want to know, because the universe has a way of being very funny sometimes when you are vague about what you want, and I am sure at some point all of you have had an experience, where you are like, "ummm, not really what I was expecting." And it was because you were not SPECIFIC with your request. Now, I know some people will say, "I don't know what I want" or "I don't want to seem greedy." Guess what? The universe, your angels, guides, God, or whoever you pray to doesn't care. And in fact, they want SPECIFIC information. They don't know any better until you provide the right information. Otherwise you will always be getting the "not really what I expected" experiences. So, go on, be direct! Also, know that when you start requesting, results will be immediate, but YOU may not see or understand for a few days or so. Meaning, you will have to journal or write down what you see to try and put the pieces of the puzzle together. The request will always be answered, but remember, you can say it out loud CONSCIOUSLY, but you have no idea what your SUBCONCIOUOS wants to know. This is where learning how to bring the two together can be quite powerful. And I am good at it, but I am in no way a master at this. It is tough, and I have been at it for well over 5 years, which makes me still a baby within the process.

A couple things to keep in mind. You will have to put work into your dreams. Meaning, you won't remember everything right away. So, again, having a way to journal or write or record your dreams will be invaluable to you. As you start to remember, you will learn HOW to ask for specific information. In the beginning you will probably still be vague, but once you start to see HOW you dream, you will start to be very conscious about what you have the ability to do, so your requests will be more spot on. Talk to your guides. Yes, they are always around. (Your inner circle is, not so much the outer circle because they have multiple humans they are servicing.) Your guides are here to help you. And dreaming is a GREAT way for them to communicate with you and for you to receive messages from them. I love this, because you can simply ask them to show themselves to you and they will. Just remember if SUBCONSCIOUSLY you don't want to meet them, they will not show themselves. So, you may need to work up to that experience. Also, side note here, no one who has ever been incarnated in this lifetime will EVER be your guide or your angel. They can't. One, angels are made of a higher frequency and CAN NOT EVER take human form for a lifetime like us. They can however, use a human from time to time for short amounts of time. There energy could not survive in 3D form. Also, anyone who has been incarnated and passed away here on earth, immediately go to rest for many years before they are able to move on to their new experience. And the average amount of human years is about 50-100, so the odds of you hiring one of them is slim to none. And YES, you can hire guides. You come in with a couple already assigned to you, but as you live life, you can hire more to help you through life circumstances. And some of us have WAY too many guides and need to do some clearing work to let those of disservice go, but that is another blog at some point!

Back to my blog. Dreams are simply amazing, and to this day, there is still so much we don't really know about them. If you notice I have not covered having nightmares or night terrors, etc. But I don't really feel they need to be covered on their own if you understand that we control our dreams. Now, I will say, if a dream is negative like that, there are a couple ways to approach it. You can simply ask to not have that dream anymore, or you can use it by writing down the events and try to discover the WHY. It is there for a reason. Perhaps it is a fear you must conquer, maybe it is a warning of someone or something in your life that is of disservice to you, OR maybe it is a true life experience you have had in another life that you must acknowledge in order to release the trauma or current life blocks it may be causing you. Again, the only person who can interpret the messages within your dreams is YOU! Dreams can be a beautiful way to experience life in a whole new way IF you choose to! I LOVE to dream! And I love to try and figure out pieces of the puzzle to see the bigger picture. I see them as small riddles. And I love to put my thinking cap on. And my angels, guides, etc, KNOW that I like to do that, so that is HOW I dream. I dream to uncover the hidden messages. So, no, not everything is spelled out for me, as much as I wish it was!

I challenge you to invest in your dreams. They can be of great service to you while you are here living your human 3D experience. They are there to help you with whatever you need. It is a way for you to connect to your subconscious mind. They are the bridge between you in human form and you in spirit form. You need BOTH to have a balance of mind and body. The subconscious AND conscious are required for thoughts, feelings and actions. And when you have the ability to utilize both of them they way they are meant to be used, amazing things can happen. And you will have unlocked even more of your potential for healing, manifesting and creating. How cool would that be! Go on, give it a whirl! Unlock your true magic!


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