What does FALL mean to you?

It is time for us to get ready for fall. The Equinox is upon us and those with spiritual background are preparing to utilize this time of year to prepare us for the next chapters of our lives. What typically happens in the fall season? The trees let go of leaves, we harvest food from our gardens and farms, we put away summer items/things we do not need to finish the rest of the year. So, we always see the PHYSICAL aspects of fall such as the colors of the leaves changing, pumpkin spice everything, Halloween costumes and trick or treat candy, BUT what about the mental and emotional body? What is happening to internally? What are the shifts and movements that the outer world can't see?

Just like trees, we have been designed to go with the flow. As the seasons change, so shall we.

Not many people really think about these questions, BUT they physically respond to the mental and emotional body without hesitation or thought. We start to eat more soups, we want warmer drinks such as hot chocolate, hot tea VS ice tea, or apple cider, we spend more time at home cuddled up with a blanket watching Netflix, etc. Everyday we respond to our mental and emotional thoughts, we just don't take the time to understand WHY we do it and we don't allow ourselves to discover what it all means.

Fall is the time to start thinking about what we already have. What can we be grateful for. To be content and happy with our progress so far through this year. And as we harvest, it is time to plan for the next phase. Winter. Winter is a time of relaxation, conservation and rejuvenation. Fall gives us the opportunity to enjoy what successes we have had such as friendships, work promotions or changes, celebrations of how far we have come since Summer Solstice in June. Look at the past 3 months. What have you accomplished? What are you proud of? What can you pat yourself on the back for? These are great ways to get your physical, mental and emotional body ready for the Fall Equinox. Write things down! I am a big believer in journaling and I constantly encouraging others to start journaling as a best practice. It is incredibly gratifying to VISUALLY see how far you have come when you look back on the pages of a journal.

What about clearing space. Notice how during the fall season, you decide to put away summer clothes, or change the décor in the house? How about changing bedding from cotton to flannel? Or putting away fans/air conditioners to make way for HEAT! These are all ways we are letting go of what we no longer need at this time. We are preparing our bodies, families and homes to move into a state of healing. We do most of our healing when we are at rest. What happens in the winter? We don't go out as much, we sleep a little longer, we add extra clothes for warmth, we change our diets to pack on a few extra pounds. We are literally preparing to heal from the inside out. We even talk to certain people less or we stop talking to them all together. We mentally and emotionally are ready to wind down, so we purge whatever we don't need anymore. Our bodies know exactly what we need and when. It is just more noticeable during the changing of seasons. Our bodies are meant to "go with the flow." And we DO. A lot of us just don't see or recognize it when it is happening. Fall/Winter is our break. Winter is where we conserve our energy to prepare for digging in deep when the cycle comes back to spring. Then we have more pep in our step!

How about Holidays? What holidays do you always make a point to be in attendance to? Thanksgiving? Christmas? New Year's? The fall and winter holidays take the cake here. Most people celebrate with family and in the winter it seems to be easier to get together, why? Because we SLOW down when fall starts. We start to appreciate a little more, we start to enjoy the colors of the earth, we start to enjoy HOT foods, we start to make phone calls instead of sending text messages, we make actual visits instead of phone calls. We all of a sudden have a need to be present with those who are close to us. We become more giving. Giving of time, giving of gifts, giving of money, etc. We start to understand we need to balance our giving and receiving, which most of us are great at receiving, but maybe not so much with the giving. (Now I am not saying everyone, but I do know the fall and winter times is where we start to have a little more compassion for those who may not have as much as we do.) Most people refer to it as the holiday spirit!

We start to slow down in the fall, it is our way of allowing our bodies to heal. We heal when we are at rest, so naturally, we take our time to enjoy the lights, the snow and the company of others.

Fall is such an amazing experience. I try to consciously be aware of what my body is telling me daily, so I too, sometimes forget to understand why I am doing certain things, but I always follow my heart and my body. I fuel my body physically, mentally and emotionally with careful thought to ensure I can perform at my best for my clients. It is important to me that I have the ability to talk about and SHOW my clients what it means to actively participate in what the world/universe is, in its entirety. I don't know everything, and I am constantly learning new ways to engage with the elements and all that we have available to us. When we use the elements, seasons, etc. to help us understand who we are, we are giving back by being thankful and using their guidance and wisdom. I believe everything has value. The earth, they sky, the waters, the dirt, etc. Everything has value to us as a human. We need all that has been provided to us to survive. And we need people to help us co-create the best human experiences possible. Fall is just one of the many seasons and reasons to celebrate the shifts and changes we as humans make! I encourage you to find small ways to stop and acknowledge how far you have come this year, make plans for next year, and to take the time to rest and give yourself the much needed break you need before getting into "Spring." Use this time to get your seeds ready to be planted. Let winter provide them nourishment. And when spring comes you will be ready to push forward into an amazing 2020! Happy Fall Equinox!

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