What is your superpower?

Ever wonder why everyone is fascinated by super heroes? Kids and adults go to movies about them, buy expensive memorabilia, dress up like them, heck, we dedicate events such as Comic Con to them. The world loves a hero! They love the idea of someone coming in when things are going wrong or when we are in danger and just swooping us up and taking us away, right? But, when we step out of the movie theater, what happens? We get a big dose of "this is my reality." However, we still keep all those infamous scenes in the back of our minds, right! We think about how WE would do in a intergalactic fight with alien life forms or robots. We think of how we could build machines or weapons that could produce mass destruction. And for the ladies, we think about how cute the hero is! LOL! NOW, I am not here to crush anyone on this topic, I am just using this as a method for my writing today. Yes, I do enjoy watching Marvel and DC movies just as much as the next person, again, just trying to introduce my topic.

Do you think it is possible that you DO have a superpower? Do you think you have a way of helping others that no one else can? In times of danger or in times of need do you think you have any skills or abilities that can save someone? The answer is YES! Yes, you do! We all have natural talents we were born with that have been specifically designed to be of service to the world. Did you know that? It is true. You just weren't made to survive here on earth. You are here to provide your unique skills and talents to help all those around you create new life experiences to survive. Yes, every single one of us, needs each other to survive. I know, I know, there is going to be a few people who will say, "I don't need anyone, I can do it all on my own, yada, yada, yada." And I will simply ask, "Tell me how that is working out for you?" I can guarantee the answer will not be "Amazing." or "Life is fantastic." WE NEED other people in order for us to sustain healthy creative lives. And those who think they don't need people have been in situations where they have been hurt and have allowed themselves to shut down their super power! How sad it is to learn someone has shut off their natural abilities to help others co-create an amazing life! I see it every day. I work with many individuals who have done the same. And this is why they come to me. They feel lost, they feel like they have no purpose, they feel like they are just existing and not finding joy in anything they do. Not to mention they limit what they do. Sometimes they don't get out of the house, sometimes, they only go to work and home with no other social interaction. Sometimes they live the daily routine over and over with not one different or new experience. And when that happens, we literally keep ourselves from what we are here to do! And when we don't get to do what we are here to do, we become resentful, depressed, misguided, etc. And believe it or not, way too many people in this world fall into those categories.

Now, I am sure you are thinking, "If I have a superpower what is it?" This might be the hard part for you, mostly because it is actually easy to know, and as humans we COMPLICATE everything! We overthink, analyze, and drive ourselves stir crazy because we think it has to be something so BIG and OUTRAGEOUS, but in reality, it is not. Actually, your superpower comes from all the small things you do to help in big ways. Think of all the things you are NATURALLY good at. I don't mean what you worked excessively hard at, I mean, just naturally good at. Is it talking, listening, drawing, writing, dancing, cooking, art, singing, teaching, math, science, etc. Whatever you are NATURALLY good at is the best place to start. Another place to start is to go back and remember what you truly loved when you were a kid. What did you want to be when you grew up? How did you want to change the world? How did you want to be remembered? Who did you want to impact? Believe me, the answer will seem so simple and make you think, "how is writing or cooking going to be my superpower?" Trust me, it is! We are here to provide a service to as many people as we can. So, if you think about it, we want to have a superpower than can help just about everyone, not just some people. The best way to help everyone is to have something everyone can use or need right? Let's look at writing as an example. Everyone reads right? Well, at least they have to during school ages, and we hope as adults they learn to love it, so they continue to pick up books and newspapers or look up info online. So, what if your writing a book on self help or even a book on cooking. The self help book will be read by many people and maybe you even save someone from doing something bad to themselves or other people. Now, your a superhero. What about a cook book. Maybe you have a book teaching healthy recipes or a book on how to buy great produce. You now have helped someone change their life style habits to create a longer healthier life. Now, you're a superhero. Do you see how this works? It truly is simple what we do, but you just don't get the opportunity to see the results sometimes. How about something more close to you. Maybe a daycare worker or crossing guard. The daycare worker is caring for a child. Maybe your child. They are feeding them, clothing them, making sure all their daily needs are meet so they can be picked up by mom or dad to live another day! Superhero. Crossing guard, they are protecting children to get them safely to school so they may learn, grow and develop. They are showing them how to walk safely, how to spot danger and create a sense of security in numbers. Superhero. Do you see? I hope so. Now, not everyone will agree with me, but we help people everyday. What we need to understand is what OUR natural talents are to do this affectively to fulfill our purpose. Again, we do lots of things daily to help people. But, we do have ONE maybe TWO natural talents that we are here to share with the world. Once you know what it is, THEN you can decide HOW you will share it with the world. It is different for everyone. Again, lets look at writing. Maybe one person loves to write books, maybe another person loves to create website content, or maybe one person likes to write short simple stories, or maybe you have a writer who loves to write about crazy unheard of fictional stories for entertainment. All of these people could have writing as their superpower, BUT each of them are using it in a different way. So, in reality, they are NOT the same superpower. Does that make sense? You also have to look at WHY they do it. That will also set their superpower apart from others. Remember always hearing as a child no two people are alike? Yes, that is true. You are unique. Your design is different from anyone else. Your abilities and range of abilities is unlike anyone else. You just need to tune into what YOUR superpower is and harness it! Give it exercise everyday so it can blossom into who you truly are. It is time the world knows what you can do not only for yourself, but for others. You are here to create, so now is the time to use other people to help you create the life you were meant to live. The life of a superhero! Get your peeps together, discover and unlock your natural or hidden talents, start using your gifts for the greater good and watch your entire life change!

And if you need help discovering and unlocking who you are or want help to unlock your inner potential, I am here to help. I can access your record and give you all the information you need to know. I can even give you specific actionable steps to get you started in changing your life and the lives of others around you. The experience of self identity is an amazing! Everyone should want to know who they are at soul level. It will change the way you think, feel and act within the world. A reading will leave you feeling more complete and whole with the mission of taking on the world one power at a time! And I have a special offer for new clients. You can take $100 off any reading when you mention this blog! Contact me today to get started!


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