Your Energetic Blueprint

Do you know that you have a specific design for functioning in this world? You do! Every person living here on earth is designed to create and manifest in a very specific way! And no two people can create in the same way. We may have some similarities, but results will always be different because the WAY we create and manifest is our own. And not to mention, we ALL have DIFFERENT intentions for outcomes, meaning we can SHARE and experience, but everything about the experience will be specific to us.

I have to admit, I was AMAZED at what I learned about my blueprint! I have been working in the Akashic Records for a while now and I STILL cannot believe HOW I was creating my life VS, how I am designed to create in my life. Trust me, there IS a difference! I have been working with energy and clearing work since 2015. During that time, I thought I was doing so well. I thought I was letting negative experiences and energies go left and right. I thought I was feeling free and learning to change my vibrational frequency to create new experiences. BOY OH BOY! Was I WRONG! Now, I am NOT saying that other methods of energy healing are not of any value. I do Reiki every day, I meditate everyday, I smudge every day! And I use crystals within my home, I get my grounding in when I can, etc. And YES, all off those things are GREAT ways to keep me in balance, keep me focused and keep me in peace. HOWEVER, I was STILL trying to figure out WHY I was not achieving as much as I thought I should. I would do so well, then all of a sudden I would be wondering, "Why haven't I manifested what I have been wanting?" or "Why is this taking so long?" When I signed up to learn to how to do these readings, I was hoping to get some answers. And INDEED answers are what I got!

After I completed my own reading, I was SHOCKED! I was living my life COMPLETELY OPPOSITE of HOW I am designed. LITERALLY! Can you imagine how I felt, when I looked at my reading and saw that I am NOT doing or USING my own specific design for what it is meant for? It took me back, I felt I had died a little inside. And yes, I cried a little. And I also had an enormous amount of FEAR set in because I knew exactly what needed to be done to change it, and I was feeling like I wasn't sure I could do it! I was excited and nervous at the same time. I finally had in front of me, my ENERGETIC BLUEPRINT! I now had a VISUAL of WHO I am and HOW I am designed to create and manifest while I am here in this life time. (And deep down, I knew exactly what was going to come out of my reading, but you know, we always have to allow EGO to show itself, so part of me was like, it won't be that bad! LOL!)

What kind of things did I learn? Well, let's just say I had to make some MAJOR changes. For instance, I am someone who thrives around people who are different than me, but I was always trying to surround myself with people who are more like me. I discovered I perform better when I can do various types of activities VS doing the same thing over and over again. (No regular 8-5, same old song and dance for me.) I also learned that in order for me to SHIFT my vibrational state, I need CONTINUOUS DIFFERENT activities. That means trying something new once a month is not enough for me to shift my vibrational state. I also learned I can't just be lazy about new experiences such as I can have a CONTINOUS day, like Thursday be date night. HOWEVER, I can not just go to different restaurants and say they are different experiences. WHY? Because I am STILL doing the SAME ACTIVITY, just a different scene. I need the scene AND activity to be different. So, what I CAN do, is still have Thursday date night, BUT I have to do go somewhere AND do something different each time. So, going to a movie one week, dinner the next, picnic in the park, going to the Y, etc. would all be ways to shift my vibrational state. Did that make sense? Now, please remember, this is me I am talking about, you may be different, so please don't read and think you need to try and act on my words.

What about creating new energy? Here the whole time I was always trying to find NEW, NEW, NEW. What can I make that no one else has? What could I do that no one else does? Well, that is not my strong suit. Which is probably why I was never any good and pulling ideas out of my ass. HOWEVER, when I am giving an example and I am asked to IMPROVE it, I shine bright like a diamond! Which, I never really got excited about because I was so stuck on making NEW. Think of it as, I am either the inventor of the wheel, or the one who takes the design and makes it better. I am the one who makes it better! And I should have realized that based off of some of my hobbies. I really love going to antique stores, thrift shops etc. I am always looking for things I can reuse and refurbish, bring back to life, etc. If I like to do that with items, why wouldn't I like to do that with EVERYTHING in my life. I mean talk about using your design, but not using your design. I was only using my design at about 50% with this metric.

Another area of surprise for me was HOW I like to accomplish. I was always looking toward the end goal. And based on the goal, I would then go back and figure out the steps necessary to get to that goal. NOPE! Not how I am built! I am designed to not care about the goal. I am designed to accomplish by the PROCESS. So, I can have a goal, but it doesn't need to be specific. What I do need to do, is make sure I am paying attention to how I think, act, and feel during the process. The process is what gives me motivation to continue. This one again, if I really looked at how I acted and responded to certain events and situations in my life, I could have been slapped in the face multiple times. Those who are process people don't get excited about finishing a goal. You could give them an award, and they kinda go, "oh thank you. I appreciate that, LET ME TELL YOU HOW I GOT HERE." They won't be overly excited about the award, but the PROCESS of getting there, they want everyone to know. Ever take a job and the moment you hit a milestone, and the first thing out of your mouth is, "cool, how do I get to the next milestone?" then you are a PROCESS person. When I looked back on my life, holy moly, was this one right there every time I had a success. Deep down, I didn't care about the prize. I cared about the journey. And today for me, it all makes sense. Another example quick. Vision boards. I could have a vision board, and it will do nothing for me. HOWEVER, I could spend HOURS and HOURS creating a vision board!

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Simply, this reading completely changed the way I think, act and feel about everything! And the changes were totally uncomfortable, but as I started to push through with my commitment to change, I saw immediate results! It is magical to see energy shifting and changing. This reading takes time, so when you have a reading, know that it will take about 3-6 months of commitment and consistent actions before you recognize any substantial new life circumstances. Small ones will show up to help keep you on track. Also, be prepared for the shift in change. When we start to shift energy. Things that are of disservice to you will fall away. So, that means you will probably have some times of stress and unexpected negativity that will surface. Let it! It needs to surface in order to be released. This can be anything from friends coming into your life, friends not wanting to see you again. If you have kids, they may become unsettled and restless due to your change in energy. Think of all your environments. When you change your energy, ALL of your surroundings also have to adapt. So, expect unexpected hiccups during the process. Some may see them as negative, but I assure you they are only temporary situations to help you move forward in life. Everything will be GREAT and AMAZING on the other side of the spectrum! Once you see where you fall on the spectrum, AND start living your life by your unique design, you might just realize how amazing you can truly be! And to me, that is one of the greatest gifts you can receive. The gift of your AUTHENTIC SELF! Why would you want to live ANY OTHER WAY! We just had a new moon on April 5th, its all about moving into greater consciousness, now is the time to start shifting you and everyone around you forward. Contact me today to get started on a whole new life!

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