Reiki Services

Reiki is hands on Japanese form of energy healing. A practitioner of Reiki is a conduit between the universal life force energy AND you. The practitioner is NOT healing you! The practitioner is offering you the energy. Your body accepts the energy and activates your own healing processes by bringing balance to the body. 

Reiki works at all levels of the human body. This means Reiki works at the physical, mental, emotional AND spiritual body. Reiki helps us relieve ourselves of emotional blocks and restrictions we may be holding onto that may be creating a physical symptom in our body such as; pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress, digestion issues etc. 

What do you suffer from?

  • Stress/Anxiety

  • Back pain

  • Allergies

  • Asthma

  • Arthritis

  • Lack of energy

  • Insomnia

  • Migraines/headaches

  • Hot flashes

  • Digestion/stomach issues

  • Sciatica

This is just a short list of symptoms Reiki can help with. Reiki is safe for everyone and everything. Reiki can help you get your whole body back into balance. You will think better, feel better, look better and take better action in life. If you are interested in giving Reiki a try, I offer ALL NEW clients $15 off their first session! So, there is no better time to try Reiki than NOW! Contact me today to get started! 

1 HR. Reiki Session: $65.00                                                               1.5 HR Reiki Session W/ crystal healing: $85.00


Package Sessions:                      Package Sessions:

3 X 1 HR Reiki Sessions: $175.00 **SAVE $20.00**                        3 X 1.5 HR Reiki Sessions W/crystals: $225.00 **SAVE $30.00**


6 X 1 HR Reiki Sessions: $340.00 **SAVE $50.00**                        6 X 1.5 HR Reiki Sessions W/crystals: $440.00 **SAVE $70.00**


***For Reiki attunement information, scroll to bottom of the page.***

To Schedule your Reiki session click HERE

To Schedule your Reiki W/Crystal Healing click HERE

Distant Reiki

Not a local? No problem. Reiki can be done distantly! Isn't that awesome! Distant Reiki can be done in two ways with me. 

Active Session: For this session, you will be asked to lie down comfortably or to sit in a comfortable chair for about an hour. Reiki is provided by me in my own home. 

Reiki box: I have a Reiki box that I offer Reiki to daily. For this method, I would get your basic information to put into the box. You are then added to the box. You will receive small amounts of Reiki 3X's a week. 

Want to send Reiki to someone else? I can do that too! You can ABSOLUTELY sign up a family member, friend, co-worker, neighbor, etc. This is a great way to help others if you are unable to be there physically to support them. All that will be needed is there primary info and into the box they will go! 

1 HR Active Session: $65.00

Distant Reiki Box: $40.00/month

Package Sessions: 

3 X 1 HR Active Sessions: $175.00 **SAVE $20.00**

6 X 1 HR Active Sessions: $340.00 **SAVE $50.00**

Distant Reiki Packages:

3 months: $95.00 **SAVE $25.00**

6 months: $200.00 **(Buy 5 months, get one FREE!)**

Animal Reiki

Own a pet? Reiki can help. 

Just like humans, animals have thoughts and feelings. And depending on what is going on in your world, guess what? It is also going on in your pets world. So, if you are is your pet. 

Reiki is great for all animals. It works amazingly well for animals with abuse, adoption, loss, etc. 

Reiki helps animals with symptoms such as; allergies, skin conditions, habits and behaviors. The list can go on. 

So, if you are ready to give your pet some extra love by providing Reiki healing energy to them, contact me today! They will LOVE you for it!

30 min Reiki Session: $45.00

Package sessions:

  • 3 weeks (1X a week)    $125.00

  • 6 weeks (1X a week)    $250.00

  • 3 weeks (2X's a week) $240.00

  • 6 weeks (2X's a week) $475.00

Ready to learn Reiki?

Ready to take your healing journey to the next level? I can help with that too! Let's get you attuned to Reiki. A Reiki attunement will help you take healing to the world. 

A Reiki attunement is a magical experience. The attunement will set you up for success in helping or assisting others in healing from the inside out. Reiki will transform your life in many ways. You will physically, mentally, emotionally AND spiritually see a difference. 

Reiki attunements are done in levels. There are 3 levels of Reiki, AND YES, I am able to teach and attune ALL levels of Reiki. Please note, most Master Teachers will hold a class and attunement. From there you are set to take your Reiki attunement to the world. HOWEVER, for me, I have decided to have more of a commitment to my students, so I have developed my own APPRENTICESHIP for all levels of Reiki.  My apprenticeships allows for practice with clients, both mine and yours, AND gives you the opportunity to work with other modalites such as crystal healing, pendulum dowsing, etc. Here is the breakdown of my apprenticeships. 

Level 1 - Self Reiki

Class and attunement. 10 practice clients will be required to receive certification. This level of Reiki includes and introduction to energy healing. You will also receive an introduction to grounding, breathing, and meditation exercises to gude your clients in relaxation techniques. Cost: $250

Level 2 - Distant Reiki

Class and attunement. 10 clients will be required to receive certification. This level of Reiki will teach 3 symblols designed to change the way you use Reiki healing energy. Within this apprenticeship you will create a Distant Reiki box and learn how to use crystal healing therapy as an additional tool during a Reiki session.  You will receive my Introduction to Crystal Healing Therapy course via PowerPoint. Cost $400

Level 3 - Master Teacher 

Class and attunment. 20 clients AND 3 attunements will be required to receive certification. This level of Reiki will introduce you to 3 more symbols including the attunment symbol. You will learn how to give attunements and be required to perform  level 1, 2 and 3 attunements. During the apprenticeship you will learn Pendulum dowsing as an additional tool for yourself and your clients. We will also cover how to utilize your intuitive skills via angel/tarot cards. This will allow you assist your clients with multiple services. Cost $600

All Reiki Attunement and classes require a NON REFUNDABLE deposit of $100 at the time of booking the class. The remaining balace will be due upon arrival for your class/attunement. 

Why a deposit? The deposit creates intention. The deposit sets the attunement in motion. The deposit creates commitment to the process. 

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