Relationship Reading

"I had a complete soul realignment with Rita. She is very clear and concise on her presentation. Rita makes sure that you understand what she is relating  to you about your soul past and present. It was interesting to find our when different things happen which will reflect today. I felt calm during the message but excited to improve on my story. There was many questions asked by me and Rita's answers were spot on to my current story. Thank you Rita  from the bottom of my heart." -S.E.

Payment Plans Available

A payment plan is available for this reading. Make 2 payments of  $750.00. A 10% finance charge will be added. 

The Relationship Reading can be a powerful tool during your experience in this lifetime. This reading is great for all types of relationships whether it's for you and a family member, a spouse, lover, partner, child, sibling, or even a coworker and/or a boss. Get insight on how you and the other soul operates within relationships. 


You will learn basic soul information for the other party such as their energetic qualities and gifts they possess. You will also learn information such as how many lifetimes the two souls have incarnated with each other, what life lessons you are here to help them experience as well as what lessons they are here to help navigate you through.

These readings work for any type of relationship whether it is an intimate, business, parental or friend relationship. 

You will also learn about any blocks or restrictions keeping you from having successful relationships. Blocks and restrictions can affect all of our relationships or be specific to an individual relationship you have.

For parents and children this reading is invaluable! Knowing your children at soul level helps you understand how they learn and what they need to grow and develop into happy healthy adults. 


Knowledge is power and the relationships we have not only with ourselves, but with others, directly affect our success in life. So start building solid successful relationships today by having a Relationship Reading!

Please note, the relationship must be current. If not, permission for the reading is required by the other party. 

Reading: $1,500.00

**FULL payment is required BEFORE receiving your reading. Please allow 5 days for your reading to be completed.**

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