Working one on one with Rita

Hello everyone! I am so excited to see you at my page! I offer many services to help those seeking transformation of their lives through their SOUL. I get so many questions about my psychic work that I wanted to take this opportunity to cover a couple things. 


Yes! I am a psychic. (Sometimes I surprise myself with what I can uncover for my clients.) However, please note that my work is specific by MY CHOICE. This means that I choose to help with CURRENT life situations. I DO NOT provide FUTURE information.(And yes, I do have the ability.) My services are intended to help transform lives, not to entertain or to tell anyone what they should or should not do. I am a resource for those to change their lives through their own hard work and efforts. I am a coach to help guide my clients to evaluate themselves on another level to find deeper meaning and satisfaction of purpose and value. This is why I do not provide "offers."

Mediumship. I am NOT a psychic medium. Yes, I know when entities are around. I do sometimes get a phrase or two or can tell you what they look like, but I do not work with them. So, no, I can not provide messages from anyone who has passed on to their next experience. 

Claircognizant. I am a knower. This is different from being clairvoyant or clairaudient, etc. I don't need to see or hear anything or anyone. I just know in my mind. (Sometimes I get a lot of people who ask if I can see who is who or where they are.) With this in mind, know that I don't remember much AFTER a session. (Because the information is for you, not for me, so there is no point in me keeping the information.)

Working with me will change your life; physically, mentally AND emotionally. I am dedicated to your success and am eager to help you step into your own personal power. Will it be easy? NO. Will it be worth it? ABSOLUTELY! I believe EVERYONE needs to know who they are at SOUL level. And I LOVE being the resource others need to take back control of their lives. 

I strongly encourage you to find the service that you resonate with and contact me today to get started. There are many ways to help heal your soul, and I have dedicated my life's journey to helping YOU find your way! I look forward to providing you with an AMAZING experience that WILL change your life! 

Love, light and blessings to you all,

Rita Casanova

One on One Sessions with Rita

One on One Psychic session...…………………………….….$150.00 per hour

One on One Tarot card reading...…………………………....$85.00 per hour

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