Discover your Divine Self Expression

"I had my soul reading with Rita yesterday. The information she told me was astounding. So much of it hit home and I haven't been able to think about anything else. I highly recommend the work she does. So happy to have had the opportunity to do this. Excited to complete my 21 day journey." -D.S

Each Akashic Record reading is as unique as you! These readings will help you to discover your true self without judgement from the world around you.


Take back your personal power by eliminating negative blocks and restrictions keeping you from living a life of abundance. You will learn about who you are at soul level, the health of your soul and discover your soul stories.


Your stories will bring clarity to decisions made that allowed you to create negative karmic patterns. Negative karmic patterns affect us on an energetic level either physically, mentally or emotionally. Becoming aware of the energetic imbalances empower you to release any energy of disservice and start the clearing process. 

Each reading includes: reading, 21 day clearing process, daily guide, weekly guide, and bi-weekly progression calls.

Readings can be individual or done as a package. Sign up for my email list to receive special offers and discounts. My Facebook and Instagram pages are also set up for you to receive special offers for being a member.


Choose to set your soul free with an Akashic Record cleanse today and take back your personal power!

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