Discover your soul's DESIGN!

What if you could take out the owners manual to your soul? Would you READ it? Would you USE it? Would you try to bring yourself back into alignment with it? If you have said YES to any of these questions, then this reading has been designed for YOU! 

This reading is your soul's design for success. You will learn how you chose to operate while here on earth. Discover what type of life circumstances you can create to help bring you back into full alignment with your highest path and purpose! This reading will be an EXTENED look at WHO you are and WHAT you CAN do to be abundant in ALL areas of your life. 

This reading is INTERACTIVE, so be prepared to put some work into it! I will give you the information you need to get started on your journey to success. YOU will create an ACTIONABLE plan to help shift your vibrational state to a NEW and BETTER vibrational state which will allow you to be your TRUE authentic self. AND be abundant while living your BEST life! 

What we will uncover

  • Are you internally or externally driven to create change?

  • Do you need to be around people who are similar to you OR do you need to be around people who are different to be inspired?

  • What types of action will help you manifest?

  • How often do you need to take NEW action?

  • What behaviors can you change to bring you into alignment?

  • How will you know you are changing your circumstances? 


Individual one on one with Rita reading price: $3,000.00 or 2 payments of $1,500.00. Total payment is required BEFORE you are provided your reading. 

This reading is ongoing. Meaning, we will meet multiple times to check in with your progress over a period of time. One session each month for 3 months.(90 days)

A payment plan is available for this reading

Payment Plan Available

"Working with Rita has been a truly amazing experience. When I came to meet her, I was extremely depressed. I was unhappy with my job, financial situation, family issues, just everything. Before seeing Rita, I had went to a doctor and they just wanted to put me on medication. I'm not a person who believes in taking medication is the answer. I found my answers working with Rita. She challenged me everyday. She got me motivated and made me believe in myself again. At first I was skeptical, but after listening and just doing what was asked of me I seen my life changing. I seen a change in myself. I wasn't sad and just moping around anymore. I felt like I had a purpose and I still feel that! The reading part of her program was really interesting and fun. She told me so much about my soul, and the things that were affecting me in both positive and negative ways. She gave me information on my soul's history, what blocks I had going on, what my vibration rate is at, and so much more. After working with her for 30 days, it just seemed like I woke up. Like if something magical happened or something I can't explain . was just pouring through me in such positive ways! I feel alive! I still continue to challenge myself daily. I now pay more attention to listening to my intuition and trusting the choices I make instead of thinking, "I can't do that," or always being afraid of trying something new or meeting new people. Overall, I am just so happy now and extremely glad that I made the choice to go meet with her. This was a great life experience for me and was much needed."


New Reading 

Learn HOW you are designed to interact with the rest of the world.

Discover what LIFE AREAS are affecting your manifesting abilities;

  • Professional

  • Finances

  • Romantic Relationships

  • Family

  • Friends

  • Health & Wellness

  • Rest & Relaxation

Now is the PERFECT time to act! Get ready to step into 2020 on YOUR OWN terms! Get a precise PLAN of ACTION to help you achieve your most desired goals. 

Please note: This reading WILL make you uncomfortable! This reading is designed to help you discover who you are at soul level. The results depend on your commitment to yourself and your intentions. There will be days you feel less than eager to push through the energetic transition. And there will be days you WILL conquer all you set out to do! Change is not easy. This is a LIFE CHANGING process, so please be comfortable with being UNCOMFORTABLE! In the end, you WILL think better, feel better and take better actions in life that are in alignment with your highest path and purpose.

This reading includes:
  • One on One reading with Rita

  • Your Energetic Blueprint

  • 3 Monthly guides

  • 2 Additional Monthly readings with Rita

  • Bi-Weekly follow up phone calls

  • Unlimited email support

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