Soul Status Reading

In this reading, discover:

  • Your primary energetic qualities

  • Your soul group

  • Your soul vibration rate

  • Your soul's health

  • Blocks and/or restrictions keeping you from living in full alignment of your primary path and purpose. 

Do you feel like there is more to your life? Do you feel like you are meant to be doing something else? Do you struggle finding joy in current situations because you want to understand the TRUTH of it all? If this is you, You are LOOKING at the RIGHT page to answer all of those questions.

The Soul Status reading is the FIRST reading available for the Akashic Records. This reading will CHANGE your life! You will discover WHO you are at SOUL level. You will have validation. You will have concrete answers. You will have peace of mind. These readings are not for "curious" souls. These readings are for the souls who WANT to change their lives. Action MUST follow this reading. 

You will be introduced to yourself in a whole new way. You will learn the health of your soul. You will identify what your natural gifts are to give to the world. You will understand part of your path and purpose. You will engage with your subconscious on an EXCITING level. You will open yourself up to NEW possibilities and learn how to Co-Create your best life experiences by taking small actions daily. 

Potential Blocks and Restrictions

Release yourself from negative energy influences that are keeping you from living within your highest path and purpose. 

  • Chakra tears/Scars

  • Negative thought forms

  • Past/current life entities

  • Implants

  • Contracts

  • Curses

  • Additional Guides

  • Astral Travel

  • Negative UNJUSTIFIED karma

  • And so much more

It is time for you to KNOW and to RELEASE all that is of DISSERVICE to you! It is time to be FREE from all the weight of negative energy influences holding you back from living your best life yet! 

What is included in this Reading PACKAGE:

  • 1 on 1 reading with Rita

  • Client clearing work

  • Daily guides

  • Weekly guides

  • Weekly follow up calls

  • FREE Property reading AND clearing

This reading has a 21 day clearing process. To read more about the clearing work process, please see the FAQ page. 

Please note. This is an ongoing experience. Once clearing work is complete, you are responsible for maintaining your new vibrational state. (It can not be sustained on its own.)

This level 1 reading is REQUIRED to complete any other/additional readings. Think of an onion. Energy has layers. This is the FIRST of many layers that must be uncovered to get to the next layer. 

Ready to get started on CHANGING your LIFE? Contact me today to get started.

Cost of Reading: $1,500.00

"It is going to be bigger than you thought, it's going to happen quicker than you imagined,
and it's going to be more rewarding than you ever dreamed of.


Soul Snapshot Reading

Not ready to do a FULL reading/clearing work?? No worries. I got you. I have created a SOUL SNAPSHOT just for you. This reading is customized to help you get a good foundation of WHO you are at SOUL level without the obligation of clearing work. 

I have taken information from a few readings that will help you identify:

  • Your primary energies

  • Your gifts

  • Your life lessons

  • Your current vibration rate

  • And more. 

This reading is FUN and will help you get started on your journey to self discovery. 

Reading Cost: $395.00

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