Wellness through Wholeness

What does TOTAL health look like?

This is a LOADED question, right? No two people will answer this question the same. Why? Because no two people think, feel or act the same. So, for the purpose of this page, I am simply giving you MY PERSONAL take on what I BELIEVE total health is. 

Wellness through wholeness is a phrase I keep in my mind at all times. I believe in order for us as humans to have our bodies optimally running all day and night, we must look at ALL of our body. Meaning energetically. We have an Etheric body, physical body, mental body, emotional body, and spiritual body. I won't go into too much detail here, but basically we must be mindful/conscious of our health in regards to THINKING, FEELING, ACTING and CONNECTING. When we are mindful/conscious of these energetic bodies, we make choices that will positively affect our health in its totality. 

How we think

This topic is usually referred to as MENTAL HEALTH. It is absolutely true that what we THINK of ourselves sets the ENTIRE tone of our health. Why? Because we can not do anything without a thought. Everything in life starts with a thought. Our thoughts then create an emotion. The emotion leads to an action. So, if you THINK bad thoughts about yourself, you will FEEL bad about yourself, which will lead you to bad ACTIONS for your health. This can lead to habits such as; overeating, smoking, drinking, binging, self sabotage, etc. And all of these habits are bad for you phyiscally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

How we feel

Feelings are powerful. Just like a thought, our feelings lead us to certain actions. Our feelings can be looked at in a couple ways. First, we must acknowledge how we feel about ourselves. This is harder to do than you think. To really be honest with yourself, this practice will take time and will take a toll on you. Why? Mostly because up until now, you probably have not been 100% honest with how your feel about where you are in life, what circumstances you attract, the people you have in your inner circle and the energy you give out to others. And a lot of people make decisions based off of how they FEEL about something VS actually THINKING logically. This is where OVER-REACTING comes in. When we act from FEELING first, without taking the time to understand and SEE the big picture. I, myself was really good at over-reacting for a good portion of my life. At least 25 years or so!  

Another way to look at how we feel is through others. Most of the time, when we dislike a person or how a person acts, we are ACTUALLY responding to who WE are. Meaning what you don't like about them, is what you don't like about yourself. This again, is also tough to digest. Mostly because it is hard to see ourselves in someone we don't like. But, trust me, it is there. And it gets easier to see when you acknowledge it a few times. This type of reflection can lead to a new type of freedom. AND aren't we all looking to be more free? And when we are free we bring more balance to the body physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

When we feel out of balance, we act out of balance. This can be seen through how we eat; meaning making bad food choices. How often we eat; meaning eating all day or NOT eating at all.  We also see this in activity; if we exercise or don't. Even going outside is an indication of how we feel. Our bodies need to be exposed to earthly elements to sustain our physical form. If we having feelings of depression or anxiety, we hide inside. We keep ourselves from making good choices that will keep us healthy and happy. 

How we act

After thinking a bad thought AND feeling a bad thought, we pretty much have no choice but to follow through with bad actions. This is where choice vs consequence comes in. Every thought we have is by choice. And the choice can only go two ways. Positive choice = positive action. Negative choice = negative action. There is no in-between. Actions are usually seen physically. Meaning we SEE the results of our actions. This can be weight gain, weight loss, the famously known resting bitch face, skin conditions, illnesses, etc. After working with energy and helping many clients over the last 5 years or so. I believe illnesses in our body are a direct result of thoughts and feelings we choose to not acknowledge. And this is also why I believe we have everything we need to sustain our WHOLE body inside of us. 

Filling in the gaps. Using supplements to assist in total wellness

As I have aged over the last few years, I have committed myself to learning how to maintain wellness through wholeness. I understand the needs for our bodies on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. There is always a way to bring back your health. It starts with one healthy thought, to create one healthy feeling, to result in one healthy action at a time. 

My biggest challenge over the last few years has been assisting my body to receive the proper vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs. Up until now, I have done a pretty good job with creating wellness through wholeness. Over the last few months, I have felt the need to search for supplements to fill the gap in my diet. I eat whole foods and limit my meat, but there are vitamins and minerals needed that I am not able to get from a food source. Now, I am not a big advocate of MEAL REPLACEMENTS because I feel we need to eat food, but I do need to ensure I keep my body healthy not only for myself, but also for my family, my friends, etc. 

I have spent the last 3 months or so learning about different supplements on the market. I usually work with my local organic markets, but with the world we are living in now, I extended my research to online products. And boy, am I glad I did. I have experimented with a few different brands of products and I have found a company that is pretty amazing. They only have a few products. This means they specialize in these products. They don't have meal replacement solutions. They are supplements only. And they are organic and vegan. I have personally had great results with these products. I am thinking sharper/clearer, I am FEELING AMAZING, and I have more energy to do all the things I have written on my daily to-do list. I have enjoyed these products so much, that I felt the need to become a distributor. 

Total wellness is important to me. And as a practitioner in alternative health, I have an obligation to give you as much information on ways to increase your wellness from the inside out. I will always do what is right for my body, and I will always encourage you to do what is right for your body. You are the only one who will know what will work for you. I am here to offer you options. I think you need to be presented with good options for good health. There are a lot of ways to create positive change in your health. I believe working with the right supplements to fill the gaps in your diet are a great way to start. If you are interested in learning more about the supplements I am taking please click the link to learn more. You will be glad you did! 

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